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Ke*to*ist (noun): one who ketos.

Who is The Savvy Ketoist, anyway?

I am one who ketos; i.e., I lead a ketogenic lifestyle, and have since early 2016!


I have trained my body to burn fat instead of sugar (yay, science!) and have reaped the benefits in many ways. Most notably: I no longer get ‘hangry’ every 3 hours! (This is a miracle in itself; just ask my Mom...!) No more mood swings that follow blood sugar swings, no more afternoon crash after lunch, no more adult acne, no more planning my life around mealtimes. Not to mention going from a size 10-12 to a size 6 (and the occasional 4!) with little to no routine exercise!

It’s been quite liberating! I highly recommend it. :)

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