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Recipe: Panini Wonder Bread (in bulk)

So I felt motivated enough on this lazy 5th Sunday of my COVID-19 'home isolation' to prep some panini bread. I had a tried and true "Wonder Bread" chaffle recipe that I planned on following... but because I read "1 Tblsp" of cream cheese as "1 oz" the ratios were all out of whack when I multiplied so I had to adjust ingredients to fix my boo-boo. In the end it turned out just fine, and now I have enough 'slices' for the coming week (or two!) - even after I taste-tested one and threw out another because it stuck to the mini waffle maker! (Pics below!)

These are great if you don't like the eggy flavor of the average chaffle; using only egg whites really calms the flavor, and the cream cheese gives it a creamy and slightly sweet taste, like Wonder Bread!

I also like that these panini breads are flat and have smaller ridges than the waffle version; it makes them feel more like a regular slice of bread instead of a waffle trying to be a slice of bread. It's also super easy to adjust the thickness... I like a thinner 'slice' so it won't fill me up so much, but you can certainly fill them a bit fuller if you like a hearty slice. I filled the press up just until the entire surface was covered in batter, and my total number of servings ended up at about 20.

I've used these as buns, mini pizza crusts (toast from frozen, add toppings, broil until cheese melts), english muffins, mini taco shells, grilled cheese containment system... you get the idea. Comment below with your ideas!

Special Equipment:

I used a DASH Mini Panini press, which worked marvelously. I tried them in my Nostalgia My Mini Waffle Maker but the second one stuck so horribly I gave up, so if you use the waffle version do make sure you grease/spray it with oil between each one.

Important! DO NOT OVERFILL your waffle maker (or panini press), especially for the first few 'slices'. Because the batter is blended there is a lot of air present which will cause your batter to easily expand during baking. Over time, the air bubbles will settle and the batter will rise less. If you do not heed this warning, be prepared for:

Also Important! If using a waffle maker, spray the plates with coconut oil! (Or some other mild-flavored oil, like avocado.) My first waffle attempt, though overflowing, did come out of the iron fine, but the second was a disaster (pic below), I think because it operates at a higher temp (?) and without much fat in the batter to 'grease' the iron it fried it right to the plate. (Got nice and crispy, though! Deelish. Ha.) [Note: If using a panini press, you may get away with not using anything, depending on how long you bake it and how full you fill it.] If you do not heed this warning, be prepared for:

So, let's do this! 👩‍🍳


  • 1.5 cups liquid egg whites (or the whites of 12 eggs...)

  • 8 oz cream cheese

  • 1 tsp baking powder

  • 2 cups almond flour


  1. Plug in your mini panini press or waffle maker to preheat.

  2. In a blender, mix the egg whites and cream cheese until smooth.

  3. Add the almond flour and baking soda and blend until smooth.

  4. Spray your press with coconut oil (not always necessary, but aids in removal, especially if you like them thicker and cook them longer than 4 minutes).

  5. Pour the batter in the press so that it at least covers the bottom of the press entirely. For thicker 'slices', keep pouring until it looks like it will seep over the inner ridge. (Can you tell I like to just 'eyeball' things? 😬)

  6. Close the cover and let bake for at least 4 minutes. Adjust time as necessary for thicker slices or if you like them more 'done'. (Keep in mind that you'll likely be reheating these in a toaster oven or microwave, so don't overcook too much!)

  7. Once done to your liking, use a nonstick-safe utensil to pop out the 'slice' and let it cool on a flat surface or rack.

  8. Repeat until you've used all the batter. You should get anywhere from 12 - 20 'slices' depending on thickness.

Modifications: You can season these however you like. Add some keto sweetener and cinnamon for a "French Toast" twist. Add garlic and grated parmesan for a "garlic bread" twist. Add pizza seasoning to make little mini pizza "crusts". The possibilities are endless!

Serving Size: Makes 12-20 panini bread 'slices', depending on thickness. Serving size will vary depending on how you use them (as a 'crust' or a 'bun').

Estimated Nutrition Facts: I have yet to find a nutrition calculator that can successfully identify every single ingredient I use, so I now manually figure out the fat, protein, and carbs. More work, but less frustration! Please keep in mind that these numbers are estimates. Your values may differ depending on the ingredients/brands used.

To determine the estimated nutrition values for one 'slice', divide the following by the number of slices in your batch:

Total Grams (entire batch): Fat 182g / Protein 94g / Carbs 40g (6g sugar, 21g Fiber)

Macros: 74% Fat / 19% Protein / 7% Carbs

For example, for one slice of a 20-slice batch:

Total Grams (1/20th of batter): Fat 9g / Protein 5g / Carbs 2g (<1g sugar, 1g Fiber)

Storage: After they cooled completely, I placed half of them in freezer-safe bags (with waxed patty paper between them) and refrigerated the other half. They should last a week in the fridge and a few months in the freezer. Pop them in the toaster or toaster oven to reheat. (Microwave would work too; or fry in butter to crisp them up!)

Easy peasy! 👍


Hope you like it! Let me know if you made any modifications and how they worked out!


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