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Review: LMNT/Elemental Labs Recharge Electrolyte Drink Mix - Citrus Salt Flavor


I snagged a sample of this product at the ADAPT Minnesota event yesterday (7/20/19) and thought the morning after would be a great time to check it out. (Did I mention there was an after party with low carb organic wine? 😋) Some folks simply adding a little Real Salt or himalayan sea salt to their water is enough to make a difference when their electrolytes are out of whack, but this product offers something (a lot) more flavorful and portable.

Ingredients: Nothing questionable, except for 'natural flavors', which always gives me pause (castoreum is called a 'natural flavor' too...!). In this case it's likely just a citrus flavor blend.

Prep: It suggests mixing it with 16 oz of water, so I started there.... yikes. Pretty strong stuff! So I kept adding 4 oz at a time and tasting it.... well, I got up to 32 oz of water (twice the suggested amount) and had to stop as my RTIC mug was full to the top.

Taste: It was too tart for me - even in 32 oz of water - and super salty. It's not terrible, but it's not something I could drink often. (I am not one to like strongly-flavored waters, so that might be part of the issue.) I had mini-flashbacks of snorkeling in the ocean in Italy in June (my snorkel had sprung a leak so I got a taste of the salty water) every time I took a sip. (I really dislike the taste of ocean water!) This flavor has a nearly 5-star rating on their site - so I might just be in the minority of folks that don't like things tart and super salty! (So take this review with a grain of salt, maybe? Ha.) They also have a "Raw Unflavored" version that might work better for adding to your favorite flavored water.

Value: The current price on their website is $47 for 30 packets, which is $1.57 each. If you stretch them out by doubling the water (or using only half a package at a time) that's a pretty decent price. Even if you don't, the price point is not too bad, especially since you probably wouldn't be using it daily.

Final analysis: Worth a try if you don't mind a tart, super salty flavor and want something that you can take on the go. The high level of salt is probably more beneficial for someone just getting into ketosis rather than someone that's already adapted.

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(out of 5)

Have you tried this product? Have any questions? Comment below!


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Sep 08, 2019

I haven't tried mine yet. I haven't really had a need, but now that I'm fasting, my electrolytes go wonky more often. I usually just carry some pink salt with me wherever I go.

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